Contribution to SWupdate

Mind makes a contribution to SWUpdate for a reliable and flexible update process
(Brussels, Belgium)

On one of our IoT projects, we are using the Cumulocity platform to manage devices. A device sends data on a regular basis to servers and the update process is sent from the server to the device.

The update process is very important in that context. It should be reliable and easy to use to be able to push updates easily and quickly in most situations. In this case, the product is using the “swupdate” solution which is reliable, flexible, powerful and opensource.

When an update process starts, Cumulocity sends an URL to the device. The device should then download the update image to install it. However, for security reasons, the file is protected by a “Basic Authentication” feature via HTTPS protocol. Hence, to reach this file, the device has to send credentials to the server.

SWupdate does not provide the support of this feature. The advantage of opensource is the possibility to change the source code and add or change some features. We patched the software internally to provide this feature, ran several tests and because it is probably relevant for other projects, we pushed this patch upstream.

Because we are using opensource software to not reinvent the wheel (and to win time), we can adapt the code to our situation and support the official project.

Swupdate - Commit on GitHub