Cogito - privacy starts with identity - Mark Spanbroek, Marcin Czenko, Stefan van den Oord [FOSDEM 2019]

Identity (passport, bank card, sign in) is usually controlled by someone else. Cogito makes an identity that you control yourself.

Cogito is based on a public/private key. The public key is the identiy, the private key is the proof. But this has a problem with UX. Cfr. encrypted mail, it is hardly ever used because it is too difficult. Blockchain tools have the same issues. The second problem is key distribution, which is hard both from a technical perspective and for UX.

Cogito is an identity framework: blocks that can be taken off the shelf and used to build security solutions.

The demo app does identity management by having a QR code displayed by the website that you scan with your phone.

Added to that you can add smart contracts.

The identity can also be used for encryption/signing of random text.