Get Something Tested in OpenWrt – Alexander Couzens [OpenWRT Summit 2018]

What is tested in OpenWRT, and how?

Coverity is free for open source projects. It’s a wrapper around the toolchain. It sends e-mail and has a web interface.

Travis compiles packages. Every time someone makes a pull request, Travis looks at which package has changed and makes a package test for that.

Reproducible builds are tested by checking bit-by-bit identity between two builds in two directories. A number of environment elements are changed. Results are accessible through web and announced on IRC.

uscan + cvechecker is used to detect updates and CVEs.

Buildboot builds every commit for all platforms. Failures are sent to IRC. Same infrastructure is used to make releases.

LAVA is used for runtime tests. Deploy the image on real hardware.

It would be nice to have an overview of the results of all the different tests, with statistics. Also nice to be able to warn the package maintainer. Something like